Nemesis Corps is all about building a fun fleet without pressure, or strict rules to follow. Our community is helpful, active and casual. We're just fans of Star Trek, and want to have a good time! We're always recruiting like minded players, so join us, and invite your friends too!



Current Event:
Raffle and Screen shot compatition
Event runs from:
July 1st to the 31st
Please feel free to contact a leader or xo for more info or if you have questions

Click Here to join the UFO Discord Channel. Click Here to email us.

Announcements will also be made in the Events Tab, and in-game Fleet Mail.

Ready to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, and new civilizations, to go where thousands of UFO members have gone before? You're in luck, we don't have hoity toity applications, and we welcome all Star Trek Online Players! The best way to reach out to us is in-game email, or private message! You may contact any fleet leader, or X.O. listed above for the fleet you wish to join. We'll be glad to send an invite right away! Also, if you see us exploring the galaxy or repelling a borg invasion, give us a shout! All members the United Fleet Operations are able to invite new friends!
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