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The United Fleet Operations is a welcoming and social community, open to all players in Star Trek Online. We care about our members, if they need assistance, there is always someone available in our discord, or in-game armada chat, who are happy to help out. 
We don't lock access to fleet stores behind insurmountable, or excessive minimum contributions. We know you want to try out all that great fleet gear, because it's fun! We'll always try to help make your game more fun for YOU! And with full access to fully leveled holdings armada wide, the good stuff is reachable too. we have procedures in place for all UFO members, including fleet map invites and Temporary fleet transfers. Additionally, we don't measure your contributions in fleet credits. Your activity, participation, and reputation all weigh more the credits in the This Armada.

Everyone in the United Fleet Operations Armada has a voice and we want to hear yours, we are a coalition of
fleets, not a one man show like most.

Fleet Leaders: High Command
XO: available
XO: Available

Every member fleet in the UFO has an equal share of leadership responsibility for our Alpha Fleet.

No longer must you tolerate dictators, or pretenders to the throne. Our elected executive officers do a fantastic job, managing the day-to-day operations our alpha fleet, and the democratic style of leadership is a breath of fresh air for our members coming away from “do what you're told” fleets.

Fleet Leader: Vitus@jvonwolfies2
XO:  Force@stevemill  
XO: Drer@Captainnopants#4535

Nemesis Corps is all about building a fun fleet without pressure, or strict rules to follow. Our community is helpful, active and casual. We're just fans of Star Trek, and want to have a good time! We're always recruiting like minded players, so join us, and invite your friends too!

Fleet Leader: Reign@kgb6984

By Riker's Beard - Laid back, casual and always looking for good people. Active and helpful members are here to support the Fleet and Armada. Beard Long and Prosper.

Fleet Leader: Arcturis@Arsinoe
XO: Missy@Wesslerr
XO: Available

Expeditionary Taskforce, an elite unit from the Mirror Universe, working hard to overthrow the Federation worms and make the Terran Empire, glorious again!

Leader: Sovayk@Fearless3
XO: Hexos@imbiza
XO: ullikah@ullikah

Mythical Legion, Casual, Fun, and Growing very fast. Become a Mythical Beast, Born amidst Fire and Death, Set in a Blaze of glory, Standing on the Ashes of our enemy's

Fleet Leader: Capt_W@Capt_Wirge
XO: ShadowXV@CaptShadow
XO: Available

Section 31 Delta Force, founded shortly after Star Trek Online launched, an easy going fleet. The only thing we ask is you be respectful to other members and Players.

Fleet Leader: High Command
XO: Available
XO: Available

Here at the FCA, the fees are reasonable, the service is excellent, and we always treat you like Family!

(see rules of acquisition #6)

Join us Today!





Fleet Leader: Karim@DJTruthsayer42
XO: Benjamin@trooper1023

Klingon Defense Force

Fleet Leader: Scott A. Freeman@ScottFreeman
XO: Natalia Morant@luthienlome
XO: Now Hiring

The 9th Expedition Fleet is open and recruiting members of all play styles and experience levels. With constant fleet projects working, there is tons of ability to earn fleet credits, and we are part of a large, active, friendly, and helpful, Armada. Are you ready to boldly go?

Glory to you and your house! The Klingon Defense Force's Bloodwine Vanguard, home to only the most honorable warriors, and a permanent staple of United Fleet Operations, sing songs of victory together, and share in the glory of battle! We invite you to share our honor and glory, explore the rich, storied history of the Klingon people, and secure the quadrant from those who would see it erased. Our cabal welcomes warriors young, and old. Our esteemed members will guide and assist you in your honorable journey with gladness in their hearts, and bloodwine in their bellies! The path of the warrior is paved with honor and glory! Hail High Councillor Robmorth, get started today, and never again must you ask “NuqDaq yuch Dapol?”.

Fleet Leader: UFO Command/ Robmorth@robe7476#0856
XO: Trooper@trooper
XO: Melchisedec@Melchisedec
unknown (3).png

Both Federation and Klingon UFO Armadas Have Fleet spots Open Ready to be filled Today! We Are Recruiting Active Fleets

Contact a Leader

For More Info!

Current Event:
Raffle and Screen shot compatition
Event runs from:
July 1st to the 31st
Please feel free to contact a leader or xo for more info or if you have questions

Click Here to join the UFO Discord Channel. Click Here to email us.

Announcements will also be made in the Events Tab, and in-game Fleet Mail.

Ready to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, and new civilizations, to go where thousands of UFO members have gone before? You're in luck, we don't have hoity toity applications, and we welcome all Star Trek Online Players! The best way to reach out to us is in-game email, or private message! You may contact any fleet leader, or X.O. listed above for the fleet you wish to join. We'll be glad to send an invite right away! Also, if you see us exploring the galaxy or repelling a borg invasion, give us a shout! All members the United Fleet Operations are able to invite new friends!
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